Russian Ambassador: Kim Jong Un completed his program in Russia successfully and was satisfied with the visit

Source: TASS

The Russian ambassador to Pyongyang, Alexander Matsegora, said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has fully completed his program in Russia, although it was prepared in great haste ahead of the visit.

Matsegora added in a televised interview: “Everything went exactly as we planned, and all points of the plan were fully implemented, and when we bid farewell to Mr. Kim, it seemed to me that he was completely satisfied with the visit.”

He pointed out that the Russian side cooperated closely with the North Korean side to prepare the program of visits that the North Korean leader would make in Russia, given that both sides had to quickly prepare the visit program while taking into account accuracy in the details, adding: “In the end, it seemed to me that there was no “We have no major problems at all during implementation.”

He pointed out that during the preparation for Kim Jong Un’s visit to Vladivostok, there were many issues related to protocols, security, transportation and many others.

He said: “My Korean friends and I were very involved in this matter. I cannot say that the visit went without any obstacles, and that no problems occurred, but in general there were no major problems and everything went well.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Russia by train on the morning of Tuesday, September 12, and was received by Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Kozlov and a number of Russian officials.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Russia will continue to strengthen friendly relations with North Korea.

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