South Africa deploys the army around the power prevent vandalism

Agence France-Presseand:
South African authorities have deployed the army around power stations to prevent any sabotage, while the energy crisis is worsening and power outages are frequent, the provider Eskom and the presidency announced.

The country has been witnessing regular power outages for the past 15 years, fifteen years in the largest industrialized country on the African continent. But the situation deteriorated with daily power cuts for hours imposed by the electricity company Eskom.

The state electricity supplier said it “can confirm that the South African National Defense Forces are being deployed”. It added in a statement that “the deployment of the army took place in four locations.”

Vincent Maguiniali, spokesman for South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, said on the sidelines of the African National Congress conference, that the deployment of the army aims to prevent “sabotage” and “theft” of coal and diesel from power plants.

Record power outages this year have cost the South African economy hundreds of millions of dollars, disrupting trade and industry.

Electricity outages for more than 11 hours a day sometimes anger the residents.

Andre de Ruyter, Eskom’s chairman, announced his resignation this week, citing corruption
crime as the main challenges the company faces.

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