The US President makes a protocol error while meeting King Charles (video)

On Monday, King Charles III received US President Joe Biden at Winders Palace, in Biden’s first meeting with the king, as the US president was absent from Charles’s coronation ceremony.

During the meeting, Biden committed a protocol error, if he grabbed King Charles by the arm and patted him before going up to the podium to take the memorial photo.

The newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said: “King Charles lost his patience and scolded a guard when he tried to persuade President Joe Biden to hurry up at an unusual moment during their meeting at Windsor Castle on the day.”

And it began that Biden was ignoring Charles when he tried to persuade him to stop talking as they searched the Welsh Guards in the middle of a concrete welcome ceremony ahead of talks on climate change.

And Biden, 80, risked a breach of royal protocol by grabbing the arm of Charles, 74, as they shook and resting his hand on his back as they cuddled in a quadrangle.

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