Turkish fighter jets responds to another Greek interference in NATO exercise

Istanbul office      

The Ministry of Defense stated in a statement, that Turkish air force has provided the “necessary response” to Greek jets attempting to block a NATO flight mission in the Aegean,

the Defense Ministry announced, early Tuesday, that Greek F-16 jets that took off from five different air bases once again harassed Türkiye while it was carrying out a NATO exercise in international airspace over the Aegean by locking their radars on Turkish jets on Monday,

Türkiye was issued an air tasking order and its NATO allies were warned 24 hours ahead of the mission, it added.

The planned NATO tactical exercise dubbed Nexus Ace involved an E3-A AWACS jet and 14 F-16 jets, an airborne warning and control aircraft, a KC-135 tanker aircraft and a CASA search and rescue aircraft belonging to the Turkish Air Force Command.

“Despite Greek jets’ attempts to block the NATO flight, our fleet saw the mission to completion,” Ankara said.

Turkish F-16s deployed from Dalaman and Akhisar airbases in the south were sent out as a preventative measure, providing the “necessary response” to the Greek intrusion, the ministry noted.

Ankara accuses Athens of illegally militarizing Greek islands in the Eastern Aegean and questions Greece’s sovereignty over them. There is also a dispute over the exploitation of mineral resources in the Aegean.

Türkiye, which has the longest continental coastline in the Eastern Mediterranean, has rejected the maritime boundary claims of Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration, stressing that these excessive claims violate the sovereign rights of both Türkiye and the Turkish Cypriots.

Turkish leaders have repeatedly stressed that Ankara is in favor of resolving all outstanding problems in the region through international law, good neighborly relations, dialogue and negotiation. Türkiye has also criticized the European Union’s stance on the Eastern Mediterranean conflict, calling on the bloc to adopt a fair attitude regarding the dispute and abandon its preferential treatment of Greece under the pretext of EU solidarity

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