Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Iraq/ The Olympic team delegation heads to Qatar to participate in the Doha International Championship


the delegation of Iraqi Olympic team, under 23 years old  leaves  to Qatar to participate in the Doha International Championship, which is being held there from the 19th to the 29th of this month.

The delegation is headed by a member of the executive office of the Iraqi Football Association, “Ghanim Oreibi”, and includes in its membership each of the members of the executive office of the federation, “Rahim Lafta” and “Abbas Saadoun”, in addition to the training staff consisting of, Radi Schnaishel, coach of the national team, and Nizar Ashraf, assistant coach, Abdel Amir Nagy, technical analyst, Saleh Hamid, goalkeeper coach, Ismail Selim, fitness coach, in addition to the administrative and medical staff, and (25) players are:Hani Naseer (Trailburg Al-Suwaidi), Reda Abdel Aziz (Al-Diwaniya), Muhammad Hassan (students), Ahmed Hassan Makkenzi (Erbil), Youssef Al-Imam (Malmö Al-Suwaidi), Zaid Tahseen (students), Mustafa Saadoun (electricity), Karrar Saad (Al-Karkh), Mustafa Omran (Atlanta, Italy) ) Hussein Amer (Electrical Industries) Karrar Al-Amir Ali (Port) Karrar Muhammad (Oil) Zaid Ismail (Newroz) Amir Ahmed (Borders) Muntazar Muhammad (Oil) Ali Haider (Stoke City English) Manuel Elia (Twente Enschede Dutch) Ali Al-Musawi ( Copenhagen (Danish), Muntadhar Abdul Amir (Air Force), Marco Faraj (Norwegian Stomsgodist), Zaidan Abdul Jabbar (Karbala), Ammar Ghaleb (police), Hussein Abdullah (students), Nihad Muhammad (Al Karkh), Zulfiqar Yunis Abd Ali (police).

Our Olympic team will play in the tournament against Vietnam and South Korea, provided that the other matches will be determined according to the results of the tournament competitions.


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