Thursday, March 30, 2023

Jordan..Al-Wehdat and Al-Ramtha are competing for the Junior League title

-The competition for the Under-17 Football Junior League title was limited between Al-Wehdat and Al-Ramtha teams, with the conclusion of the ninth and penultimate week of the second round of the elite clubs.
Today, Saturday, Al-Ramtha defeated Shabab Al-Ordon 3-1, and Al-Hussein defeated Al-Faisaly 2-1, while Al-Ahly tied with Al-Wehdat 1-1.
Al-Wehdat raised its score to 21 points, at the top of the teams’ standings, while Al-Ramtha came second with 20, Al-Hussein 13, Shabab Al-Urdun 11, Al-Faisaly 5, and Al-Ahly 4 points.
In the last week of the tournament, Al-Wehdat will meet with Shabab Al-Ordon, Al-Faisaly with Al-Ramtha, and Al-Ahly with Al-Hussein.
Al-Wehdat needs to win any result over the youth of Jordan, or Ramtha falter, to ensure the crowning of the title.
While Ramtha’s chances of winning the title are limited to beating Al-Faisaly, with Al-Wehdat faltering.
The competitions of the second stage of the T17 Elite League will be held with the full league system of two “back and forth” stages, provided that the title is crowned by the team that obtains the highest number of points.
On the other hand, Al-Arabi, Amman FC, Al-Ittihad, Al-Jazira, Kafr Jaiz, and the Knights of Jordan decided to qualify for the T17 Elite League, for the next season, after obtaining the first six positions during the second round of the Championship.


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