Reactions to the prison sentence issued against Mortada Mansour

The final ruling issued by the Egyptian Court of Cassation against the president of the Zamalek Egyptian club, Mortada Mansour, upholding the imprisonment of a month in the case filed by the president of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, which led to reactions on social media, in the wake of the court’s rejection of Mansour’s appeal, so that the ruling became final.

Sports critic Abu Al-Maati Zaki from Dubai published a video of Yahya in court, which won for the right.

Observers’ expectations indicate that with this ruling, Murtada will be removed from all his public positions, and he may disappear politically. Mansour said through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “The appeal was rejected, but we are awaiting the decision of the Heavenly Judge, God Almighty.

He added, “I had to completely disappear from the political, sports and media scene at any cost.”

Zaki is one of those affected by Mortada Mansour, who filed several lawsuits against him before the courts because of the insult and defamation he was subjected to by the president of the Egyptian Zamalek club.

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