Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Student success story “Dreams of Gold” in Aeronautical Engineering .. Ohood Al Kaabi shines in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments

Source: Al Ain

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) accomplished many achievements in major international sports forums, in addition to being the first national university to include all qualitative academic disciplines under the highest international academic standards related to artificial intelligence, and supporting the country future vision and strategies, which aim to foresee the future of scientific research and upgrade intellectual and creative skills and competencies.

The futuristic University is also keen to continue its quarry to discover, encourage, and develop student talents at the university level and abroad, to achieve the ambition of distinguished students and support their dreams in various fields, which resulted in achieving and highlighting student talents that possess unlimited treasures. Among the most prominent of these talents is the student Ahoud Al Kaabi from the College of Engineering, who raised the banner of brilliance and success in the sport of jiu-jitsu, and strengthened her dreams and ambitions. She studied aerospace engineering, to continue her dreams of obtaining gold titles and medals in world championships.

Narrating her story and her success journey, Ahoud said: “My dream and my story began in 2014, in the sixth grade, as I was introduced to jiu-jitsu by my teacher at Al Sheem School. I started at a very young age, which made me stronger, and progressed step by step, in the sport that was at that time male-dominated, especially in light of our social conditions. However, with the encouragement of my family, which consisted 4 boys and 6 girls, I began my journey with my father being my major supporter, my mother being my encourager to raise my determination, and my siblings being my biggest funs, from whom I derive my strength.

I started training with my Brazilian coach at school, then I joined Al-Ain Sports Club, which opened the doors for me to climb the ladder of ambition, and with the encouragement of my family, I started my story to achieve my dream and move on the path of success.

Thanks to God Almighty and then my family, I joined the UAE Jiu-Jitsu team, and the great challenge began. The competitions amplified my determination and pulsated with honesty and truth, as I wove them for you from the threads of my suffering, and here was the greatest support from our wise and prudent leadership, which paid great attention to young men and women in that sport, and a women’s team was formed, results of which were amazing.

Ahoud continues: “I continued building my dream throughout my study years at the United Arab Emirates University. During

the Covid-19 pandemic, I joined a closed camp under the auspices of the UAE national team to prepare for the Asian Championship held in Abu Dhabi, which was one of the most difficult stages in my life because I was far away from my family and friends. However, with the God grace and continuous training, I was able to get the second place in this tournament.”

Ahoud goes on saying: “My dreams did not stop at this point, especially after the encouragement, support, and parental care of the wise leadership, which formed a shield for me to face any difficulties, and push of determination towards more successes, so the championships and achievements followed:

– Second place in the 2020 championship at the Abu Dhabi Sports Achievement Award.

– Grand Slam tournament in 2020.

– First place in Los Angeles Championship in the same year.

– AJP tour in 2021.

– In addition to several local and continental championships.”

Ahoud concludes her success story by saying: “My dream is still growing until I become a certified national coach, to represent the UAE in jiu-jitsu championships, local, and international sports forums, climb the podiums, and achieve remarkable results. What a feeling of pride when I was listening to” Long live my homeland, long live our union ” while I was on the podiums, just as our leaders taught us to be at the forefront and to continue working and redouble our efforts. We can only extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to Mubadala and its leadership for

the support, care and attention they provide to our Emirati sports teams.


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