Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Moroccan national team is crowned with the title of the North African Union U-20 tournament for women


The Moroccan national team won the North African Football Association (UNAF) U-20 tournament for women.

which took place from March 13 to 18 in Al Karm, Tunisia.

The activities of the North African Union tournament, under 20 years for women, were held in the form .

of a mini-tournament consisting of 3 rounds, and its matches were played on the 14th.

16th and 18th of this month of March, where two matches took place during each round.

Participated in the North African U-20 tournament for females, which is considered a preparatory friendly.

for the upcoming merits, each of the national teams, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria.

The Moroccan national team for women under 20 years topped the championship with 7 points.

jointly with the Algerian national team, and the goal difference allowed it to win the title.

while Algeria returned to second place (Morocco scored 5 goals and conceded one goal, while Algeria scored 7 goals and conceded 4).

The Egyptian team finished third with 3 points, while Tunisia came in the fourth and final place without a score.

Moroccan national team won two matches against Egypt and Tunisia, and tied with Algeria 1-1.

The same applies to the Algerian national team, which also won during the matches between Egypt and Tunisia.

 Egyptian team lost in two matches, against Algeria and Morocco, and beat Tunisia.

which in turn lost all its three matches.

The Executive Director of the North African Football Association “Lunaf”, Mohamed Al-Hamami.

recorded his presence during this session, along with the heads of the women’s football.

committees in the federations of the four participating countries.


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