From New York City to London and Beyond, It’s Time for Unpacked to Shine in Seoul


Before the start of Galaxy Unpacked 2023 on July 26, taking place in Seoul, Korea for the first time, Samsung Electronics is releasing its “Join the flip side” digital out-of-home (OOH) advertisements one by one at landmarks across the world. Samsung Newsroom is previewing two teaser videos ahead of the event: “Join the flip side” and “The Journey of Galaxy Unpacked.”

“Join the flip side” Takes Over the World
The digital OOH advertisements showcase the overarching theme of the products that will be unveiled at this year’s Galaxy Unpacked, while also inviting customers to experience the “flip side” for themselves. Seventeen digital OOH advertisements are currently on display across various locations in 13 countries: including the Gangnam District, Seoul Tower and COEX in Seoul, Korea; Times Square in New York City, U.S.; Piccadilly Circus in London, U.K.; CentralWorld in Bangkok, Thailand; Tai Koo Li in Chengdu, China; and King Road Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

As this year’s Galaxy Unpacked will be held in Seoul, the sketch video released on July 22 reflects the fast-paced vibe of the bustling Gangnam District, COEX as well as Seoul Tower, one of Seoul’s most notable landmarks. Additionally, the video depicts the ambiance of several different global landmarks, showcasing the unique characteristics of each location.

The Journey of Galaxy Unpacked
Galaxy Unpacked first began in Las Vegas when Samsung participated in CTIA Wireless 2010, the largest communication conference in North America. At the event, the company presented its vision for the future of the mobile phone industry and unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S, signaling the beginning of Samsung’s journey to pioneer mobile innovation.

Following that event, Galaxy Unpacked has traveled to multiple cities around the world: unveiling the Galaxy S2 in Barcelona, Spain, the Galaxy S3 in London, U.K., introducing the Galaxy Note in Berlin, Germany and the innovation of a new mobile device category with the Galaxy Fold in San Francisco, U.S. Now, the upcoming event will be held in Seoul, Korea.

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