Novel early childhood learning key to future-proofing kids says Dubai-based ORA

: Kids are curious by nature. They look at the world with wonder and amazement, boldly asking questions and exploring all things and possibilities around them.

As their cognitive, social and emotional abilities are rapidly developing at this stage, encouraging their pursuit of knowledge and self-discovery is critical. And it is at this juncture where a novel and futuristic approach to early childhood education proves critical for their wellbeing and learning.

The emphasis lies on futuristic framework to future-proof children in a world dominated by accelerated technological innovations. Fueling their imaginations with what is possible in the future helps lay a stronger foundation for future intelligence.

“The present landscape calls for a future-conscious, inspirational and ever-changing learning process in which early childhood education plays a pivotal role. During their early years, we can nurture and enrich their experience and allow them to be curious and be who they are whilst instilling in them the critical skills beneficial for their development,” said Tanja Spasojevic, General Manager of Dubai-based Ora, the Nursery of the Future, which caters to kids aged 45 days to five years old.

According to Spasojevic, children exposed to an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, positivity and happiness are more ready to embrace a world run by future technologies.

Spasojevic continued: “The learning system that the young learners of today will be exposed to will be crucial to their success. Modern times need a state-of-the-art learning model that looks beyond the traditional.  We have to prepare them using new tools and knowledge to help them achieve their dreams and succeed in a world that will be very different from the times we live in today.”

Such a system exists today, and Ora calls it child-driven experiential learning, a framework that integrates innovation and futurism into a playful, stimulating and social learning environment.

Under this unique framework, the curiosity-based play environment puts importance on interaction, self-discovery and collaboration in a fun and appealing way.

What makes it futuristic is that it rests on four key pillars of Leadership Skills; Happiness and Positivity; Advanced Sciences; and Technology and Coding for kids’ holistic development.

“We emphasize kids’ development and discovery of selves. We are also flexible in that we accommodate both full and part-time attendance. We have set up our system to make it highly cost-effective, taking into consideration the unique needs of the families today,” Spasojevic said.

At Ora, all children are given the space they need to explore and process the world around them at their own pace. It enriches knowledge and skills development using experiential, multisensory and technology-based learning.

This makes the futuristic early childhood learning process adopted by Ora fundamental to creating a technology-centric world that is innovative, inclusive and holistic. As early childhood education undergoes continuous transformation, Ora will remain one step ahead in providing 21st century learning to future leaders and innovators of the world
Source: Future Nursery

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