Omnix signs a strategic partnership agreement with viAct in the Gulf region

: Omnix, the leading company in integrated digital solutions and services, announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with viAct – an artificial intelligence company focused on environmental, social, and governance aspects, with the aim of promoting digitization and safety in the architecture, engineering, construction, and oil and gas sectors in the Arab Gulf countries. According to the agreement, Omnix will act as a major distributor for viAct products and services in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain.


Long experience supports innovative solutions

It is worth noting that Omnix has more than 35 years of experience as a leading provider of solutions in the fields of digital infrastructure and digital transformation of the architecture, engineering, and construction sector, computer-aided engineering, cyber security, cloud computing, and BIM consulting in the Gulf region and around the world.


Omnix has also worked with architecture, engineering, construction companies, and oil and gas companies to establish digital transformation, provide training, and apply advanced technologies by providing the best and latest digital solutions for public and private sectors in the Arab Gulf countries, in addition to being a value-added distributor for Autodesk and Faro solutions in the region.


Commenting on the matter, Simran Bagga, Vice President of Engineering and Foundational Technologies at Omnix, said: “The partnership with viAct gives us an important and distinctive dimension to accelerate the path of digital transformation in the Middle East region, which is already witnessing rapid growth. Thanks to the diverse experiences and knowledge of our team of experts in products and solutions in the region, combined with viAct’s extensive experience in automated monitoring, supported by video analytics capabilities and the ability to make decisions based on extracting data digitally from workflow, we have a critical enabler to transform the landscape of the sector – especially in architecture, engineering, construction, and oil and gas sectors.”


A partnership with a noble purpose

The architecture, engineering, and construction sector, and the oil and gas sector are among the most important and promising sectors in addition to being among the most sensitive sectors in terms of time, as safety concerns arise throughout the supply chain for these sectors. The nature of work makes those sectors vulnerable to deaths in the workplace, as the construction sector is considered one of the most dangerous work sectors, since it witnesses the highest number of deaths during work. According to the safety report published by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), the total injury rates recorded in the sector increased by 10% in 2021 compared to 2020.


Since its inception, viAct has been striving to make workplaces safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. viAct has engaged in rigorous and continuous research and development to advance and improve its scenario-based artificial intelligence technologies to provide smart and innovative solutions that leverage advanced video analysis capabilities to meet various industry safety needs in several sectors such as construction, oil, and gas. Among the company’s solutions that take advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence to analyze videos in the oil and gas sector and the architecture, engineering, and construction sector, with the goal of enhancing safety and productivity in these sectors
Source: Amnex

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