RTA achieves three international certificates of recognition for Al Merqab, First and Last-Mile and ITC

Dubai : RTA

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has obtained three international certificates recognising its global pioneering standing and excellent practices of three leading projects, namely the First and Last-Mile, Al Merqab System and the Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Centre. The certificates were awarded by two entities of global repute: the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and the European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organisation (ERTICO).

The projects and initiatives of the first and last-mile strategy have achieved this global endorsement from the UITP for the excellence and diversity of mass transit means, soft mobility means and the variety of services on offer.

Al-Merqab system has achieved a global endorsement of its innovative technology that merited it to be rated as the most effective system in supporting the transport sector, and the best in supporting operators and service providers.

The third certificate was awarded by ERTICO for developing and expanding the Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS 2020), which is considered a key element in serving the Government’s directions to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world.

His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority, received the certificates of recognition from Eng. Maitha bin Adai, CEO of the Traffic and Roads Agency, Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the Public Transport Agency, Eng. Hussein Al Banna, Acting CEO of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, and Fatima Al Mandous, Director of Innovation and Leadership in the Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector in the presence of several directors.

Al Tayer paid tribute to the teams that contributed to this achievement. He considered these three certificates a source of pride as they add to RTA’s impressive achievements in developing innovative solutions for services and providing supportive infrastructure that facilitates mobility across Dubai.

The Innovation and Pioneering Department of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector confirmed that these achievements are a reflection of RTA’s vision to become “The world leader in seamless & sustainable mobility” and conform to its strategic objectives to foster a culture of pioneering and competitiveness in undertaking projects and initiatives to achieve global leadership.

First and Last-Mile

The projects and initiatives of the first and last-mile strategy were privileged by a global recognition of their excellence and leadership thanks to the diverse public and soft mobility means, and the diverse operators comprising global firms and local start-ups. Overall, such projects supported the business and innovation drive at the local level.

The First and Last-Mile initiative is defined as the first or last parts of the journey from or to the nearest public transport means. It consists of two parts, group and individual means. Examples include on-demand mobility means, taxis, limousines, smart rental vehicles, shared private and public vehicle journeys within the first and last-mile range, motorised individual mobility devices (scooters and electric bicycles), and non-motorised mobility means (walking, cycling and non-motorised individual mobility devices).

The specialised first and last-mile strategy is based on key pillars highlighted by sustainability, promoting shared mobility, and user safety. It is aligned with RTA’s goals and objectives to make roads and transport systems friendly to all, enhance the integration between mass transit means, promote shared and public transport, and develop effective policies and legislation for transport, roads and traffic.

Al Merqab System

Al-Merqab System was worthy of the certification as a global pioneer of innovative technologies such as obtaining a patent in forecasting and anticipating the fare, and the most efficient system in supporting limousine transport through contributing to operational efficiency, transparency and fairness. It is also viewed as the best system for supporting operators and service providers by prompting them to improve the quality of services and reduce complaints.

The system streamlines the business of limousine and e-hail companies. It offers a solution to key global challenges such as streamlining and governing e-hail firms through monitoring and optimising journeys. It serves RTA’s efforts to improve the sector through installing smart and sophisticated monitoring devices that use the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things in limousines. It also monitors the details of the vital business of these vehicles in Dubai.


The third certificate of recognition was awarded by ERTICO for upgrading and expanding the smart traffic systems project (ITS 2020). The project is considered a key contributor to materialising the Government’s drive to rank Dubai as the smartest city in the world and applying technologies and smart software in facilitating mobility in Dubai.

The project has improved the monitoring of traffic incidents by 63%, improved the response time to incidents and emergencies by 30%, and improved the travel time by 20% thanks to the use of virtual messaging signs. It has also provided a link with RTA’s Enterprise Command and Control Centre and the Command and Control Centre of Dubai Police.


8 Pioneering Practices

Since the introduction of the Pioneering Practices Management System by the Pioneering and Innovation Department in 2019 until the end of last year, RTA has developed and obtained certification for eight pioneering practices related to excellence, priority and pioneering in various sectors and agencies.

By creating these systems, the department aimed to strengthen RTA’s position by showcasing its pioneering practices at various levels, empowering RTA’s sustainable pioneering performance, taking the initiative in applying global pioneering practices, and providing clear manuals to identify and evaluate RTA’s practices.

Every year, the department lists the applicable pioneering practices in coordination with the organisational units. It also evaluates them in the office environment according to the management criteria and coordinates with international organisations to assess practices and benchmark them with similar practices around the world. The department seeks to highlight the exclusivity and pioneering features, identifies areas of development and seeks certificates of international recognition of the pioneering practices. The Pioneering Practices Management System support RTA’s participation in local and global excellence programmes.

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