The “Kuwait Sat” team, the satellite is stable in its orbit


The first satellite team (KuwaitSat 1) said that the satellite is stable in its orbit, and the monitoring and monitoring process is carried out from the Kuwait University station at the College of Science through the space physics laboratory.

This came during a press statement issued by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) conducted by Kuwait University, with the (KuwaitSat 1) team, about the post-launch phase and following up on the latest updates and challenges that faced the team.

Applications member Bodour Al-Sabti said during the meeting that after receiving the initial signal of the satellite, they began to verify the health and safety of all five systems attached to the satellite.

For his part, the official of the administrative team of the Kuwait National Project (Sat-1), Ali Al-Damkhi, said that after the launch of the satellite, the team was present at the ground station in the Physics Department of the College of Science in order to capture the signal, which takes five to ten minutes to obtain data.

He mentioned that the cycle of passage (KuwaitSat 1) over the State of Kuwait is three to four cycles per day, so the presence of the ground station team must be present in anticipation of the passage of the moon to enter the orbit of a country

Team member Hamad al-Hindi also explained that the satellite passes over Kuwait from three to four times a day, indicating that each satellite passes through multiple stages, and we are currently in a stage called (Jad), which is a stage that extends for approximately three months, during which the systems in the satellite are tested.

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