Tracking over USD 1.5 Trillion worth of projects SCAVO Revolutionizes Construction Intelligence in Saudi Arabia

SCAVO, a powerful partnership between Saudi Contractors Authority (SCA) and Ventures Onsite, is an innovative online construction intelligence platform that is set to transform the way construction projects are tracked and understood across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Positioned in the market with an unmatched industry scope and powerful tracking tools, SCAVO stands ready to empower construction industry professionals with actionable insights, real-time data, and market dynamics that will drive success.

SCAVO tracks over USD 1.5 Trillion worth of active construction projects in KSA alone, and its coverage extends to wider Middle East and Africa markets. As per contractor awards analysis by SCAVO, over USD 64 billion worth of contracts are expected to be awarded to contractors in 2023 in the Kingdom with over USD 40 billion already awarded since January 2023.

Nasser H AL-Hajri, Chief of Industry Services at Saudi Contractors Authority (SCA), expressed his confidence in SCAVO’s impact on the KSA Construction Market, stating, “SCAVO is one of our latest strategic initiatives for the KSA Construction Market, in partnership with Ventures Onsite, the market leader in tracking construction projects for the region. We are confident our members, as well as the KSA Construction industry as a whole, will benefit immensely from the information and analysis SCAVO can offer.”

SCAVO is a comprehensive web-based platform that tracks projects in diverse sectors, including buildings, oil and gas, industrial, infrastructure, and power and water. This platform’s full coverage ensures that users have access to the latest construction project updates, major players, trends, and developments within these industries, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

At its core, SCAVO functions as a powerful lead generation tool, equipping organizations with the market and project intelligence needed to secure more construction contracts. Its capabilities extend further by offering analytical and statistical tools that help users

understand the construction market landscape. Users can monitor industry trends, assess competitors’ activities, and gain valuable insights that guide strategic planning.

SCAVO is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, both directly and indirectly. The platform operates on a subscription-based model, providing indispensable value to contractors and subcontractors, consultants, project owners, project management companies and suppliers.

Contractors and suppliers gain access to timely information of planned and ongoing construction projects for accurate targeting and increased bidding success. The platform provides consultants and project management companies with real time information of early stage projects. It also helps them in pre qualifying contractors and suppliers and drawing recommendations for clients. Project owners use the portal heavily while doing project planning and study phase. In addition, it helps all its users understand the region’s construction landscape and showcase a clear picture of who is doing what.

SCAVO offers a dynamic platform through its website where users can access real-time data, historical records, and advanced analytics. By harnessing this data, construction professionals can uncover growth opportunities, identify potential risks, and make well-informed decisions that drive success.


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