Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Damascene Papers – Our Heart Is the League

Dr. Nahla Issa

My country regains its seat in the Arab League with Arab consensus, a step to get back on the right track and put history back to its natural course because my country is not only a founding member of the League, but it breathes Arabism, and transmits its love of Arabism to its people through genes, passing clouds, roses that wither before they blossom, trees that die standing, streets that dress in black at every sunset, the love that no drums in the world can summon and comes to you obediently without any delay, and the words that do not knock on anyone’s door twice, as the phrase “Syrian Arabism” has become in our country as obvious as saying good morning!!

It is the reason why our people, for over ten years, on all fronts, pat on the shoulder of a young man whose lover has become a rifle, hug another that hasn’t felt the warm embrace of his mother for a year, share food with men in ambushes with a pergola made of bullets and beds of sand and gravel, and laugh with all their heart at horror tales they tell as jokes, and then cry because maybe next time, they will not see some of these faces!

It is the reason why my country endured for a decade, not only living in the barrel of a cannon but also living with the minimum necessities of existence and survival, because it believed that the battle that it is fighting, no matter how varied its names or overlapped its definitions and classifications, is the war of all wars against all the enemies of the Arabs, and on behalf of all the Arabs.

My country regained its seat in the Arab League, and this will benefit all our Arab brothers, but Arabism in my country was never limited to a seat in a League, rather it was a concept we were all raised on and on which we learned to walk, spell, read, write, and how to worship God, through taking pride in the fact that we are Arabs.


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