MoHAP urges customers to make the most of the electronic customer complaint system

Source: Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has called on customers to use the electronic customer complaint system to submit complaints and/or remarks against MoHAP-licensed private health and pharmaceutical facilities and medical staff.

To improve the quality of the health system, develop smart solutions, and adopt a quality control system, the ministry provides customers with several electronic channels, including a state-of-the-art website, smart app as well as customer happiness centers in the representative offices, and the ministry’s premises in Dubai.

Upon submitting a complaint, the Control, Audit, and Inspection Department contacts the customer to confirm receipt of the request and its content and requests the medical file from the concerned health facility.

The complaint is then referred to the Medical Responsibility Committee, which speaks to the complainant as well as the health facility, evaluates the medical procedures applied by the doctor in the complaint case, issues a report, and notifies the parties concerned.

According to Federal Decree-Law No. (4) of 2016 on Medical Liability, the parties involved in the complaint have the right to file a grievance against the Medical Liability Committee’s report within 30 working days. The grievance is forwarded to the Supreme Committee on Medical Liability for consideration, with its report to be subsequently forwarded to the Ministry’s Health Practice Oversight Committee, which takes the appropriate action against the health facility and medical staff accordingly.

The computerized system also allows the customer to follow up on the complaint’s status through the inquiry process until a final judgment is made.

Medical complaints only

It should be noted that the electronic customer complaint system is dedicated only to medical practices; However, complaints about finances and insurance are not handled by the same system since they fall under the authority of consumer protection or judicial authorities.

Furthermore, the time frame for resolving medical concerns is determined by the nature of the issue. Therefore, complaints may need a more thorough investigation to protect the interests of all parties and obtain the best results.

Regular oversight and inspection

Dr. Hessa Ali Mubarak, Director of the Control, Audit, and Inspection Department, MoHAP, said: “We are keen to undertake periodic oversight and inspections of private health facilities by MoHAP specialized staff to ensure compliance with the ministry’s regulations and strengthen self-monitoring. “

“The ministry is open to receiving complaints about health facilities and their medical and technical staff. This is part of our electronic services that we provide to improve the quality of the country’s health system,” Dr. Hessa added.

She emphasized that the ministry looks forward to curbing inappropriate practices and medical errors by imposing penalties and fines on violent entities.

“The ministry handles all cases of medical negligence and errors committed by health facilities or medical staff with complete accuracy and transparency,” Mubarak said, adding that MoHAP pays utmost attention to improving the health and safety of everyone and that this is a top priority in all MoHAP plans and programs.


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