Jordan…Ministers hold press conference on Ma’an troubles  

Interior Minister Mazen Faraya, Government Communication Minister Faisal Shboul and Director of Public Security Major General Obaidullah Maaytah Friday held a press conference in Amman on the troubles that happened yesterday in Ma’an, during which a police officer was killed.

Faraya said that the King had directed the competent security services to arrest the perpetrator “as soon as possible and bring him to justice,” noting that the authorities are making “unremitting” efforts.

He said that since the start of the protests, the government has dealt wisely and responsibly and held meetings to try to meet the demands of the truck owners.

Faraya explained that solutions were agreed upon and achieved, adding that the truck owners’ strike caused the suspension of supplies to several vital facilities and the government “will not allow this to continue.”

He pointed out that security measures will be strengthened in the sites witnessing riots.

Faraya explained that the most difficult decision taken by the government is to raise fuel prices and that reducing it will lead to financial fallout that would be difficult to bear after six months, noting that the protests and strikes harm the lives of citizens and lead to health, material and loss of life.

In turn, Major General Maaytah said the number of injuries among the security service officers due to the riots amounted to 49, adding that they were shot directly at them.

He added that the protests deviated from a peaceful path and became an “attack” on public and private property and roads, noting that 70 public security vehicles and more than 90 citizens’ vehicles were attacked.

He noted that the Public Security Directorate (PSD) would “strike with an iron fist” anyone who desires to infringe on national security, stressing that calls for incitement by some through social media are being followed up and would be countered according to the law.

In turn, the Minister of Government Communication, Faisal Shboul, said that the killing of Colonel Abdul-Razzaq Dalabeeh while on duty is a “painful” incident that represents the lifting of arms against the state, adding that the Cybercrime Unit in the PSD detected footage that incites violence and killing, forcing the authorities to suspend one of the platforms on social media temporarily after alerting the platform.

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