TRENDS and the Coptic Evangelical Organization Discuss Prospects for Research Cooperation

TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) reviewed the prospects for cooperation between the two sides. They discussed ways to promote scientific research, spread knowledge and the values of tolerance and coexistence, reject violence and hatred.

The two sides held a meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The TRENDS delegation was headed by Dr. Mohamed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS Research and Advisory, and Dr. Rev. Andre Zaki, head of the evangelical community in Egypt and head of the Coptic Evangelical Organization. The meeting was attended by a number of heads of sectors and officials from TRENDS Center and members of the Coptic Evangelical Authority.

The President of the Evangelical Commission welcomed the TRENDS delegation, expressing his great pleasure at the visit. He praised the research efforts of TRENDS Center, especially the knowledge-based studies that promote tolerance, coexistence and human fraternity. He said that the UAE has become a destination for humanity, a hub for the values of coexistence that supports the values of love, peace and tolerance in the Arab world and at the global level.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Ali expressed his appreciation for the distinguished role of the Coptic Evangelical Organization in spreading human knowledge. He indicated his sincere aspiration to cooperate with it in the field of research, studies, climate issues and others. Dr. Al-Ali stressed the significance of scientific research in shaping and foreseeing the future.

TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Evangelical Organization briefed each other on the nature of their work. They discussed areas of cooperation and agreed to continue communication in order to achieve more cooperation and serve their common objectives.

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